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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Of Leather Bags

A few people have asked, “why spend big money on a leather purse, when I can buy a non-leather look alike for a fraction of the price?”  I always say it comes down to your priorities, your plan for the purse, and how you perceive yourself. Above all, I tell them a good leather purse is an INVESTMENT.  I personally would rather have one solid “knock about”/everyday purse that would hold its shape well, be highly resistant to wear and tear, and still look great as it ages, than a dozen colorful bags that wouldn’t stand the test of time.

 Your Priorities
There will always be something to spend money on, always! We need to ask ourselves “how important is it that I own this leather bag now?” Do I have other pressing needs?  If now is the time for a great leather purse, consider the Palmelatto. This is our best selling purse! It’s classic birkin-like design, beautiful gold hardware, fantastic detailing and finishing,  it is a winner!!

Your plan for the purse
Will this purse be worn every day? occasionally? Special occasions only? Sundays only? For everyday wear, it makes sense to invest in a classic styled sturdy, durable leather purse. One that will hold shape and look great as it ages, and be highly resistant to wear and tear. With purses, nothing ticks me off more that the cracks from wear I see on PVC and PU bags, or when they start to develop funny looking shapes and bulges.  

Where will you be wearing your purse to? As folks say, people get an impression of you before you even open your mouth based on how you put yourself together. For certain interviews, and professional environments, it is important to wear a good leather purse to complement your outfit.

The Palmellato’s classic design is great for everyday wear.   The purse is sturdy, with beautiful delicate details. The Palmellato is large enough to hold everyday items like (novel, journal, cosmetic pouch, mirror, wallet and much more).

 One of the best features of this purse for me is it's cute feet to protect the bottom from everyday wear and tear. And the golden key enclosed in its dainty pouch.


How you perceive yourself
Every one of us has something we absolutely love, and seek opportunities to splurge on. That is why you hear folks say things like “I am a shoe person”, or “I am into sports cars”. For me, I am unabashedly a bag person!! O yes!!  I believe acquiring the right purse is investing in myself.  The Palmellato has not failed me.  Now I am torn between rocking the red Palmellato to work every day till Christmas, and wearing my ever faithful Orione.

How do you feel about investing in a leather purse? Let me know.
God Bless You Always


  1. Hi Havilah, met you at Myne Whitman's. A leather purse is a wise investment, my only problem is that sometimes one just gets tired of a particular item, wants to replace it but is forced to keep carrying it because it just refuses to look old.

  2. Hi Eya, Thanks for visiting. Yes i agree that we get tired of wearing the same purse often. That is why i subscribe to at least 5 "investment" purses depending on your lifestyle e.g corporate lady vs writer or journalist. Corporate lady will need a good satchel, while the writer will need a good roomy bag that can contain her ipad, phones, small camera, makeup, umbrella e.t.c